What is your biggest fear for your child?

From Julia Olatunji, PSFM 5 My biggest fear is Trinity growing up in general. She will bump into major obstacles. First thing is the opposite sex. I don't want her to fill a space in her heart that her father left there in the opposite sex. I want her to be fully confident in the … Continue reading What is your biggest fear for your child?


Fresh to Diapers

"Don't be goin' outside lookin' any ol' way." When I had sense enough to dress myself, this was the constant warning I heard from my Grandmother. I mean, it was said to me every time I walked out of the house. She wouldn't even take the time to see what I had on. I would … Continue reading Fresh to Diapers

Pregnancy Scare #13; Fearless Mom: Shamirah

Shamirah Age: 28 Year you graduated high school: 2005 Year you found out you were pregnant: 2009 and 2012 Number of children: 2 The Uh Oh Moment: I was working overnight maintenance at Walmart when I found out I was pregnant; I took a pregnancy test right off the shelf (shh, don’t tell anyone, lol), went in … Continue reading Pregnancy Scare #13; Fearless Mom: Shamirah