Phylicia Gomez; P.S. # 9

My scariest moment was when my daughter drank perfume!!!!!! She had poured it in a cup and drank it! I was too scared to take her to the hospital thinking they would open an ACS case on me so I dealt with her at home. I never took my eyes off that girl again!!!! Full … Continue reading Phylicia Gomez; P.S. # 9

Pregnancy Scare #2; Fearless Mom: Saray

Name: Saray Garcia Age: 19 Graduated high school: June 2012 Number of children: 1 Pregnancy Scare: October 2010 The Uh-Oh Moment: Back in 2009, Sept 22nd to be exact, I started dating a young man named Carlos. As a young teen I yearned for the attention and love I lacked. We dated for a little over a year and I got pregnant in … Continue reading Pregnancy Scare #2; Fearless Mom: Saray