Parent and Dating #1

Me & Mine + Them = X(?) Describe your perfect date: A perfect date would be simple. Dinner, movie, a few drinks. Enough to relax and enjoy myself. I just want an adult conversation and laughs. I've learned one of the hardest things to do while your children are young is dating. I'm a single … Continue reading Parent and Dating #1

Her Responsibilty; MY Son.

Everybody is going to sit and tell you, "It's okay. Baby you'll get through this. It's alright" But you do not know that pain.  It's like my son is dead to me. You have to lose a child in order to know the pain I experienced. I couldn't even sit on the train and hear a … Continue reading Her Responsibilty; MY Son.

Pregnancy Scare #13; Fearless Mom: Shamirah

Shamirah Age: 28 Year you graduated high school: 2005 Year you found out you were pregnant: 2009 and 2012 Number of children: 2 The Uh Oh Moment: I was working overnight maintenance at Walmart when I found out I was pregnant; I took a pregnancy test right off the shelf (shh, don’t tell anyone, lol), went in … Continue reading Pregnancy Scare #13; Fearless Mom: Shamirah