“Smile for the camera/Crooked smile like J.Cole but I’m handsome/Behind the lens they see how it’s laughter/Till they turn them off I’m still laughing/Pain is pleasure wrapped in the same sweater/Bundle up cause it’s cold outside…

…There’s only one thing/Stopping you/There’s only one thing stopping you and yea that’s you”

Meko Sky, “Snapshot”

Many Skies

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P.S. #10; Kimberly Fobbs

I was nervous during both pregnancies. Both times I was nervous because this is another life that solely depends on you. These little people are the only people to hear your heart beat from the inside and love you unconditionally; no matter your flaws or how others feel about you, you will always be your child’s hero as long as you do what you’re supposed to do.



I Didn’t Ask…

I Didn't Ask...

“So why this guy tell me, ‘Too bad you have kids; I’m not interested in raising another mans kids….’ That’s the funniest thing about it — why must these guys think that women are running to them to replace a father for their kids or that a woman is incapable to do so alone. It hurts my heart to hear such negativity but just strengthens me to do even more for my girls. They will never say they lacked because mommy didn’t have a man to provide.”