Parent and Dating #1

Me & Mine + Them = X(?) Describe your perfect date: A perfect date would be simple. Dinner, movie, a few drinks. Enough to relax and enjoy myself. I just want an adult conversation and laughs. I've learned one of the hardest things to do while your children are young is dating. I'm a single … Continue reading Parent and Dating #1


This Is NOT An Attack On Momma Bey

  And I know this disclaimer won't be enough for some of the Beyhive, but I need you to know, her IMAGE, her immediate look was simply the catalyst for this. NOT her personality, NOT her personal morals and values, NOT her assumed motherhood and/or womanhood. I saw, I thought, I wrote. So let us … Continue reading This Is NOT An Attack On Momma Bey

Pregnancy Scare #15; Fearless Mom: FranShaun Harris

Franshaun Harris Age: 25 Year You Graduated High School: 2008 Year you found out you were Pregnant: 2014 Number of Children: 1 The Uh-Oh Moment: December 2014 I found out I was pregnant going in to get my yearly physical and asthma checkup. Now a days, doctors give you all the test in the world. … Continue reading Pregnancy Scare #15; Fearless Mom: FranShaun Harris