Pregnancy Scare #17; Fearless Mom: Miranda Thomas

Age: 28 Year you graduated high school: 2009 Year you found out you were pregnant: 2017 Number of children: 1 The Uh Oh Moment: January 2017; I was 25, by myself, cleaning my bathroom. I noticed I was pregnant because I missed my menstrual and I am pretty regular. At that time, I did not … Continue reading Pregnancy Scare #17; Fearless Mom: Miranda Thomas

Her Responsibilty; MY Son.

Everybody is going to sit and tell you, "It's okay. Baby you'll get through this. It's alright" But you do not know that pain.  It's like my son is dead to me. You have to lose a child in order to know the pain I experienced. I couldn't even sit on the train and hear a … Continue reading Her Responsibilty; MY Son.