This Is NOT An Attack On Momma Bey

  And I know this disclaimer won't be enough for some of the Beyhive, but I need you to know, her IMAGE, her immediate look was simply the catalyst for this. NOT her personality, NOT her personal morals and values, NOT her assumed motherhood and/or womanhood. I saw, I thought, I wrote. So let us … Continue reading This Is NOT An Attack On Momma Bey


"Smile for the camera/Crooked smile like J.Cole but I'm handsome/Behind the lens they see how it's laughter/Till they turn them off I'm still laughing/Pain is pleasure wrapped in the same sweater/Bundle up cause it's cold outside... ...There's only one thing/Stopping you/There's only one thing stopping you and yea that's you" Meko Sky, "Snapshot" Click here … Continue reading Snapshot