Single and Santa

Don’t forget the Christ in Christmas. Saying Happy Holidays is PC at work and school. Why don’t more Black people celebrate Kwanzaa? How the hell do you spell Hanukkah (I’ve seen a C in there at one point).

Our holidays are riddled with tradition, folklore, and colorful characters that fuel a child’s imagination. It leaves our young ones with memories and stories they use to connect with future classmates, roomies, and significant others.

But the third biggest star of the holiday (a virgin who had a super baby definitely tops a beard) is that silver fox, big-boned rosy cheek man whose jolly ol’ belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly. You can’t talk about Xmas without talking about Santa Claus. Whether you pray to Buddha, Allah, Zeus, Krishna, God, or the stars you’ve heard of this fat cat who can defy all physical logic.

We use St. Nick as a tool to encourage our kids to be good between the months of leftovers running out and the tree getting put up. Parents who choose to let their kids believe go to great lengths in maintaining the legend of Santa. They keep purchased presents hidden, shop during their work breaks, wrap gifts in the dead of night, and sacrifice closet space in order to hide said gifts until the night before Christmas, when all through the house, none of their kids are stirring…(see what I did there).

But others take a more direct approach from the gate.

“I am Santa” is the strong declaration in some households. Hardworking parents who may sacrifice more than their fair share of adult time and hard earned money refuse to give Big Red any holiday credit. They may not flat out tell their doe-eyed six year old who’s been exchanging Santa theories with their peers all day that this man and his red nose reindeer is just not real; but they assure them that those bowed-up, meticulously wrapped stack of boxes under the pine (real, plastic, or white) comes from yours truly, Mom and Dad. They duck the gaze of their kids, they shop on their “me” time, they wrap in secrecy and attempt to make this holiday just as magical for their kids as well. But they make sure junior knows these gifts are earned across the board. You earn them through good behavior while mommy and daddy earn the money to buy what you’ve earned. Forget the fat man’s list, your name is on our heart.

Does Santa Claus exist in your household? Why/why not?

Does Santa steal the shine/hard work of single parents?

Is it wrong to tell a small child there is no Santa Claus?

Is saying there is no Santa simply keeping it real, or a ploy to have all the credit or glory?


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