Fresh to Diapers

“Don’t be goin’ outside lookin’ any ol’ way.”

When I had sense enough to dress myself, this was the constant warning I heard from my Grandmother. I mean, it was said to me every time I walked out of the house. She wouldn’t even take the time to see what I had on. I would shout to her from the door, “Okay Grandma, I’m leaving,” and she would loudly prompt, “Make sure you aint walkin’ out this house lookin’ any ol’ way!”

So I got brave enough to ask her why these were my explicit instructions before exiting my home. Surprisingly, without swinging on me, she clarified, “Because people know I raised you. And I don’t want them thinking I don’t take care of you.”



It made so much sense. This woman takes damn good care of me and it should show. But she raised me practically. We were by no means living like royalty, yet I wasn’t shopping out of the discount bin either.

Parents of today…I’m not judging. I am simply curious. Why does your infant-toddler have to be fresh to def from the womb? What is the purpose of J’s on a baby when they feet are not touching the floor for at least two years? Why go high-end in fashion when your child has no clue what these clothes are valued at? Is it because they are a fashion extension of you? Did you not have dolls to dress up when you were younger and this living being is your substitute?

Now if you have the mean$, I can understand. If you’re used to that lifestyle, then of course you would give nothing less to your offspring. But if YOU KNOW THE STRUGGLE, and you are living pay check to pay check, what is the benefit of sending your kindergartener to school looking like Diddy? Does it better their grades? Do they get an extra juice box from the little cutie in class? Does your daughter’s True Religions  help her sit still and get more out of her lessons?


And you know when it’s ridiculous. The total price of a CHILD’s assemble should not be the same as a GROWN ADULT’S WITH A JOB…or maybe it should be. Please give me your two cents.

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