Just My Two Cents

Jane Smith, PSFM #7 asks

Views on abortion; do you think it is okay in any or certain circumstances (ex: rape or incest or extreme physical harm/danger to a mother)? Why do you think this? 

First and foremost, I have always taken the stance of, it’s a woman’s body; she chooses what she wants to do with it.

I love the Lord. I believe in God, I believe in life. But there are unforeseen circumstances. Who am I to tell a rape victim that she HAS to have this baby because it’s a LIFE she did not agree to conceive? Who am I to tell a woman, no matter how promiscuous she may be, she HAS to have this child, even if she is not financially, emotionally, nor mentally stable enough to nurture a completely dependent human being? Why would I tell another human being that they are OBLIGATED to prematurely sacrifice their body and complicate their health because it’s the “proper” or “righteous” thing to do.

We are taught from day 1 that there are consequences to our actions. And then we learn that some actions against us are out of our control (including condoms popping). But I truly believe one of our greatest gifts is choice! Choose what’s right for you! The minute we force or guilt anyone into a decision, we are creating a hostile environment, which in the case of raising children, will only begin or perpetuate a dangerous cycle.

Why not adoption though? One can still birth the baby but not have to raise it?

True indeed. But I would encourage that only if the woman is willing to go through the 9 months of pregnancy. Some women may not be ready to see their bodies drastically change. Some may not be ready for the hormonal swings that come with it. Some may not be able afford the medical expenses of the check ups. I’ve also heard that some women get attached to the baby after a while, decide to keep it based off of emotions, and then regret it later.
But if they can mentally, physically, and financially carry the baby, I would encourage adoption.

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