“Smile for the camera/Crooked smile like J.Cole but I’m handsome/Behind the lens they see how it’s laughter/Till they turn them off I’m still laughing/Pain is pleasure wrapped in the same sweater/Bundle up cause it’s cold outside…

…There’s only one thing/Stopping you/There’s only one thing stopping you and yea that’s you”

Meko Sky, “Snapshot”

Many Skies

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Pregnancy Scare #11; Fearless Dad: Maurice Jourdan

Meko Sky

Name: Maurice Jourdan
Age: 27
Graduated high school: 2005 (same as editor lol)
Number of children: 1

Pregnancy Scare: I found out the mother of my son (Tyler Aiden Jourdan) was pregnant in May of 2011.  I was turning 24 and I always said by 25 I would have a kid. How ironic huh?

The Uh-Oh Moment: I found out one day when she had come in after work. She told me and all I remember is excitement.  I knew it came with a whole new set of responsibilities.

This is a new life I have to raise.

The Dad Moment:  I became a dad the minute I found out my son’s mother was pregnant.  It starts with showing love and support to the mother while she is carrying your child. Her cravings had me running all over the Manhattan streets to find Pinkberrys. We would contact Google and find new Pinkberrys to go to. That’s all his mother had real cravings for.  Then she just wanted food…nothing particular; just food.

 ***Any man can be a father. It takes a real man to be a dad.***

Father/Dad:  I remember once I got to see the sonogram, that’s when reality hit me. This is your son and all I wanted was to see him and hold him in my arms. The realest moment was when the delivery room transformed. Yes it transforms! For all the mothers and fathers you know what I mean.


The bed she was laying on turned into this birthing station and I still can’t figure out where all these gadgets came from. Then, what I believed to be a regular cabinet, turned into this equipment booth. I was all confused but I was just waiting for Ty to get out of his entrapment.

There was a lot of stay there, hold this, move here, come here. Now I’m not one to take orders but I was all over the room helping to get my son out. Then he got lazy. He decides he wasn’t going to come out without help, so they had to get the vacuum (not a real vacuum but a way to help get him out when the mother can no longer push). All I remember is seeing his face and then the nurse came and cleaned him up and took him to be weighed.

Then it happened; I was the first person to hold him. His mother wasn’t too happy but the doctor had to tend to her before she could get Ty. This was the moment I knew there was no love stronger than the love I have for my son.


Them vs. You: Raising him is different because he’s learning from both parents; in my case I just had my mother.

The hardest part was telling our families there was going to be a new cousin, nephew, and grandchild.  At first my family wanted to make sure I was prepared and knew what I was getting myself into. Now I can say without them, things would’ve been different. Without their guidance and tutelage I would’ve been lost or probably not half the man I became.  As time went on, acceptance came and everyone just said, “He’s on his way. Let’s prepare.”  This statement let me know I had their support and this made me want to be the best dad I could be.

Of course there were friends and people who didn’t agree, but at the end of the day as long as your family has your back you will be fine.

Fearful Moment: Even though now his mother and I aren’t on good terms I still have a son to raise.  Don’t get me wrong she is an amazing mother; it’s just difficulties with her and me.  We tried to make it work for our son’s sake but constant arguing isn’t the environment to raise any child so we parted ways.

If it was possible I would’ve loved to raise my son as a family, but sometimes you have to find a better way to do things if they aren’t working out, so co-parenting is the way we went.

I deal with a great amount of stress and anxiety when it comes to going through the courts for joint custody.  Here’s the kicker; every judge I’ve seen says the same thing. “I am honored to see a father fighting for his child.”  I guess I thought that’s what you’re supposed to do.

It gets difficult at times because I can’t pick him up when I want, and due to the fact he’s no longer in the city, it makes life harder to get him even when I’m supposed to. Sometimes it’s snowing, or raining too bad, or he’s ill. If it was up to me, I’ll trek through the snow and I’ll deal with the rain and no matter how far away, I’ll get to my son. I’ll find a way and I always will. IMG_4879

Fearless Moment: My son is my twin! He is very witty and a fast learner.  He also enjoys sports and music, more so playing them than watching them (he doesn’t sit still. He also got that from me).  At the end of the day you just have to be stern in your words when you talk to him if he isn’t listening.  Other than that, you just want to be around him.  He is just full of energy and life. You fall in love with his personality.


Whenever Ty is around every moment is my favorite, but my all-time favorite thing this little boy tried to do was climb out the crib.  I was walking in the bedroom after coming out the bathroom and I look in the crib and I see my son with his leg half way out and he’s just laughing.  I rushed over and put him back in and he gave me this look like, “Why dad, Why?”

Support System: A strong support system makes the difference.  This system is still in effect now as we go through the court system to obtain what is needed for us to make sure my son can know his father. And when I say “WE”, I mean my family and me, because I am not going through this alone. It affects the entire family.  Things like this remind me to keep strong in the fight because this isn’t about me anymore, it’s about raising my son and showing him his dad is here and always will be.



Final Thoughts: All in all, being a father is the most important thing in my life and I will continue to raise him to be the best man he can be.  I don’t want him to follow in my shoes; I want him to be his own man.  I want him to take the knowledge I’ve instilled in him and use it to do whatever makes him happy.  Love is an understatement; my feelings for my son can’t be explained or truly expressed.  Father… No! I love being called DAD!!

Love you Ty Ty.