"Smile for the camera/Crooked smile like J.Cole but I'm handsome/Behind the lens they see how it's laughter/Till they turn them off I'm still laughing/Pain is pleasure wrapped in the same sweater/Bundle up cause it's cold outside... ...There's only one thing/Stopping you/There's only one thing stopping you and yea that's you" Meko Sky, "Snapshot" Click here … Continue reading Snapshot


Pregnancy Scare #11; Fearless Dad: Maurice Jourdan

Name: Maurice Jourdan Age: 27 Graduated high school: 2005 (same as editor lol) Number of children: 1 Pregnancy Scare: I found out the mother of my son (Tyler Aiden Jourdan) was pregnant in May of 2011.  I was turning 24 and I always said by 25 I would have a kid. How ironic huh? The … Continue reading Pregnancy Scare #11; Fearless Dad: Maurice Jourdan