Her Dad Voice

Dad Voice

[I] was just talking about this earlier how voice modulation, presentation of task, and a parent’s consistency in following through in what they say is key . Usually it’s the dad’s voice that kids get up and run to. But women usually are the more babying, nurturing ones and the ones who simply do not follow through because our baby is “just a baby” or because our heart breaks when they cry. Meanwhile daddies know that the child needs discipline, and don’t feel as sensitive and quick to accept disrespect . Not all family dynamics are the same. [For] Some it’s the opposite roles. That’s why sometimes you hear of kids having daddy wrapped around their finger. As a single mom I had to learn how to modulate my voice from caring nurturing protective kisser of boo boos to if you don’t listen there will be consequences . So now where I used to feel the need to ask my ex to “handle” it when I wasn’t being heard, I’m the one they get when they need them to listen.

Jessica Calixto


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