Her Dad Voice

[I] was just talking about this earlier how voice modulation, presentation of task, and a parent's consistency in following through in what they say is key . Usually it's the dad's voice that kids get up and run to. But women usually are the more babying, nurturing ones and the ones who simply do not … Continue reading Her Dad Voice

P.S. #10; Kimberly Fobbs

I was nervous during both pregnancies. Both times I was nervous because this is another life that solely depends on you. These little people are the only people to hear your heart beat from the inside and love you unconditionally; no matter your flaws or how others feel about you, you will always be your child's hero as long as … Continue reading P.S. #10; Kimberly Fobbs

Pregnancy Scare #9; Fearless Mom: Phylicia Gomez

Name: Phylicia Gomez Age: 27 Year you graduated high school: 2004 Year you found out you were pregnant: 2006 Number of children: 2 The Uh Oh Moment: I found out I was pregnant when I returned home from Daytona, spring break April 7th, 2006. I was 18. Back then I still lived with my parents … Continue reading Pregnancy Scare #9; Fearless Mom: Phylicia Gomez