Mother vs. Mom 3

I must say that that I am a mom. But I must admit, having two jobs makes me feel guilty and to others, I may be viewed as a mother. I work and push myself beyond the limit of expectation and the term sacrifice is my motto. Because I have two jobs I agreed to cut off my social life to be able to spend more time with my daughter. When I do go out places it is where I know children are allowed. When I come in from work, no matter how tired I am, it’s mommy daughter time.


Being a mother means you are providing the basic hierarchy of needs (Maslow) which is food, clothing, shelter, and safety. Notice that I did not say love because a mother does not need to love her children in order to provide their basics needs for survival. A mom provides nurture, love, affection, endearment, and safety in addition to the basic needs for survival which is food, clothing, and shelter.

A mommy goes the extra mile on top of what she has to do such as reading the extra book on top of the ten books you’ve already read, going outside after running around all day at work, staying outside for that extra game of chase, and playing preferred games even though you don’t feel like it. Basically, 100% pushing your feelings and emotions aside by leaving what happened at work AT WORK.

I work with children along the Autism spectrum throughout the week and on weekends I work with the elderly whom also have Autism and other intellectual disabilities. However, my daughter is my number one priority and whatever she needs I will provide.

The statement “I don’t feel like it” doesn’t exist to a mommy.


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  1. Who are you? Because you are someone I would like to shake their hand ! You are a real women/mother! I loved this and almost shed a tear on how touching it is to see someone has being a mother down packed.


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