Pregnancy Scare #7; Fearless Mom: Jane Smith

Jane Smith   Name: Anonymous Age: 16 Year you graduated high school: Still in high school Year you found out you were pregnant: 2012 Number of children: 1 The Uh Oh Moment: I was 15 when I found out I was pregnant. I was at school with an old friend in the bathroom; she had … Continue reading Pregnancy Scare #7; Fearless Mom: Jane Smith

Jane Smith; P.S. #7

Before becoming a parent, up until eighth grade, I valued my parents' rules for the most part. I didn't really do anything "bad" so to say. It was freshman year when that all ended. I had gone through some things and I┬ástarted acting out because of it. Everything my parents said, I went against. Me … Continue reading Jane Smith; P.S. #7