Happy Father’s Day

P.S.; Fearless Moms

A great tribute to the little women from the MEN who are trying to raise them. To the MEN who know how important it is to stay in their lives. To the MEN who value who they are and what they can become.

“Beautiful” by Lz N Krillz

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Tantrum: Ferry Full of Spectators

So I decide to take a ride on NYC's underrated treasure; le Staten Island Ferry. As we are docking into the step-borough, a father of 4 stands next to me and my lovely company. He is having quite a time getting the kids on one accord. The two girls go off and have a conversation … Continue reading Tantrum: Ferry Full of Spectators

“Bad Mommy!”

This is so righteous! I witnessed a situation just last night that made me grit my teeth, but I reserved judgement and it surely paid off in the final moment. Looking back AND reading this, that man handled that situation BEAUTIFULLY. THANK YOU.

Raising Hell

Last week a friend posted a blog article on her Facebook written by a single dad. As a single parent, I usually like to check out posts by people with similar situations, and so I clicked the link. I probably shouldn’t have. The post was about this ‘terrible’ man in Costco who the blogger had witnessed yelling at his small child several times, and his opinion about it. Three pages of his opinion!

I was bothered, bothered enough to comment and say so. The gist of my comment was that it wasn’t his place to judge someone else based on a 5 minute observation. It wasn’t a popular opinion. But luckily for me I have thick skin, and my sense of self-worth is not dictated by what someone else thinks of me or my opinion.
I will admit though that I spent a few days thinking about why exactly his…

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