Pregnancy Scare #6; Fearless Mom: Lyndsey Battiste

Name: Lyndsey Battiste


Age: 27
Year you graduated high school: 2005
Year you found out you were pregnant: 2007
Number of children: 1

The Uh Oh Moment: I was 20. I was at a friend’s house (too scared to take the test alone). My first thought was, “My mother is going to kill me.

The Mom Moment: I became a mom in January 2008 but it happened a couple of days after Sydney was born. After all the visitors stopped coming to help and there we’re no more nurses…and her “father” decided to go out instead of being home with us…we had our first night alone together. She cried all night and wouldn’t eat. I tried everything to make her stop; even put her in her car seat on top of the dryer (on low) hoping the motion would help (Google, lol). But nothing worked. We both cried all night. Then all of a sudden she held my pinky, latched on to the breast, and just looked at me. That’s when it got real; the moment I realized I couldn’t give her back lol. She was mine and I promised to do any and everything for her 1st!

Lyndsey Performance 2

          ***Any man can be a father. It takes a real man to be a dad.***

Father/Dad: There is no relationship [with Sydney’s father]. He moved away when my daughter was 3 months old and didn’t come back until her 1st birthday. We wouldn’t hear from him at months at a time until finally, the calls completely stopped.

He was extremely excited when I told him and very supportive during the pregnancy. He was there for the birth but things changed after she was born. I guess reality hit him.

Them vs. You: My parents play a major role in my daughter’s life and help me tremendously with raising her.

The harshest thing wasn’t what they said it was what they did. My Dad didn’t speak to me for a couple of days and that completely broke my heart. It hurt. I felt like I let him down.

Fearful Moment: My scariest moment was when my daughter had to have surgery when she was 1. Although it was only a simple outpatient procedure, the thought of my little girl having surgery was horrifying.

Fearless Moment: . I think my favorite moments are always seeing her perform on stage. I’m a dance teacher and I own my own dance company so knowing that my child shares the same passion that I do is amazing! She’s a little show stopper and is a natural at performing.

I find my strength from [Sydney]!

“The apples are still on the tree… she’s my mini me.”

Knowing that I have a little girl looking up to me and watching every move I make forces me to push and be a better woman. I can’t let her down

Support System: [Tiffany] was extremely supportive! She was at almost every doctors appointment, at the hospital every chance she got once I went into labor, and she was there for every birthday.

Tiffany and Sydney, all smiles.
Lyndsey Performance
Lyndsey and Sydney connecting on and off stage.

She’s my daughter’s Godmother! Although we aren’t in the same city and she has started a family of her own, she stills checks on my daughter and is there to support as much as she can.

Lyndsey Battiste is the owner/director/choreographer of the the Live.Love.Dance. Performing Arts Company, LLC; founded 3 years ago after her grandmother lost her life to pancreatic cancer. Their Instagram and Twitter is @WeLiveLoveDance. Search her name on YouTube to see videos. The Facebook is


Lyndsey & Sydney

image(5)Lyn & Syd 2




“I became a mom in January 2008 but it happened a couple of days after Sydney was born. After all the visitors stopped coming to help and there we’re no more nurses…our first night alone together.”




Lyn & Syd

I Didn’t Ask…

I Didn't Ask...

“So why this guy tell me, ‘Too bad you have kids; I’m not interested in raising another mans kids….’ That’s the funniest thing about it — why must these guys think that women are running to them to replace a father for their kids or that a woman is incapable to do so alone. It hurts my heart to hear such negativity but just strengthens me to do even more for my girls. They will never say they lacked because mommy didn’t have a man to provide.”

Happy Mother’s Day

“…she showed me the screen. I saw a baby. I could not believe what I was seeing. I fell in love at first sight with the child inside me.”
“I was a Mom before my time because I raised my little brother. I always had a motherly instinct.”
“When I saw positive on the test I cried my first tears of pure joy! I thought, ‘Oh dang, it just got real.’ It was perfect.”
“It was the first time I breast-fed them…The bond created was indescribable; knowing that I was nourishing this little innocent fragile being.”
“What kicked me into mom mode was when I first heard her heart beat at 80bmp.”

Every Bit Counts <3


The father of my child has a good heart and is a great guy. After she came into the world he helped out a lot; …when he came home he helped. He was there consistently for the first year and a half of her life. Because we were together after we broke up, it seems as if he broke up with her as well.

He is not there as much as I want for their father-daughter bond but she loves her father; and in her eyes, he is the best thing ever. I don’t want her to have the mind frame of resentment towards him. I’m not the one to deny a father their child unless he’s denying my child.  ********Click the pic  below for the full story.********

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In your honest opinion, does a single mom have the RIGHT to bad mouth their child’s father in front of the child?

In your honest opinion, does a single mom have the RIGHT to bad mouth their child's father in front of the child?

Honestly no. You have your opinion about the person you chose to be a father. The child is innocent. When the child comes of age to where they are asking about the father, that is your chance to explain the situation to them. I think about the sequence of the situation; from the being of the relationship, to the pregnancy, and after. Somewhere between then, something went wrong. Not all single mothers are single because the father didn’t want anything to do with the child. The father of my child has a good heart and is a great guy. He just lost himself during my pregnancy.