Picture. Perfect?

So let me paint the scene.

An Asian mom gets on the train with two kids and a rather big book bag (not a purse or stylish tote bag…a book bag). The girl, age 2 at the most, is being carried and sits on the mom’s lap. The boy, 4 or 5 years old, is a little tank full of energy! As she is trying to get from point A to B, the little boy is trying to climb over, around, and through her just to look out of the window behind him. While trying to hold her daughter, she is also extending an arm out to make sure the popcorn kinetic boy does not fall.

Insert middle aged white woman. She is sitting next to them, smiling away at the “show” this family apparently agreed to put on. While she is blindly admiring the boy’s innocent rambunctiousness, he is completely unaware of the mom’s weary, worn, and utterly exhausted expression, as she is now on autopilot, aware only of her surroundings and her kids’ movements (surprisingly very quick to respond to every move they make to enjoy their safety. But her expression was completely blank.

So the oblivious, assumingly childless, financially stable woman saw this…


…but her obliviousness to motherhood, especially regarding women of color/working women, made her completely blind to this

ImageIf she would have been less subjective and more sympathetic, she would have realized that this mom is going through the most, and she rather not be gawked at with adoration of unwanted, unruly, and exhausting behavior from a child who is old enough to know better. But I’m open to others’ interpretations of this scene.


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