Pregnancy Scare #1; Fearless Mom: Daneka

Name: Daneka McRae                                                         Age: 29 Graduated high school: 2002 P.S.: August 2003 Number of children: 2 The Uh-Oh Moment: I found out I was pregnant in my freshman … Continue reading Pregnancy Scare #1; Fearless Mom: Daneka

Balls Out Just Chillin’

Takes a village…or a room full of testosterone…to raise a child.

Gotta Luvjones


So for those who haven’t heard, this clumsy blogger broke her foot last Saturday; and while I wish I could tell a funny story about a sex position gone wrong or a large, fire engulfed car chase, I have to just settle for the stupidest truth in history—I tripped over the curb.  But as I am a firm believer in making margaritas out of lemons, I have used this time to not only slow myself down from the everyday grind but to also be nosey.  Helping me with that is my amazing (and very sexy) nurse as he gives me his opinion on the top five places young men need to spend time in growing up in order for them to receive the right amount of dude programing.  Yes, believe it or not, there are locations that actually play a major part in what makes men the way they…

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